How to write a check? How to write the amount, signature, cash, and various types of checks in the US

When you come to the United States, you may be surprised that the use of checks is so common. In Asia, the check tool seems to be used only by the company line number; but in the US, except for the company, you may use a check to pay your salary. Sometimes it is not difficult to see the cheques of shopping, dining, paying rent, utilities, and other daily life. The use of checks to pay money is not only guaranteed for both parties but also does not need to bring large amounts of cash on the body. It is also possible to save the interbank transfer fee. It is not an exaggeration to say that I don’t know how to write a check, and I can’t survive in the United States. This article teaches you how to correctly write a check, and a minute to teach you how to safely and accurately write a check, sign, cash, prevent others from tampering, etc. About the size and precautions of the check!

Where does the check payments?
The checking account opened at the bank, as the name implies, is the checking account number , that is, when you issue the check, the money will be called out from this account. So. Before you write a check, be sure to confirm that your Checking Account balance is sufficient to prevent the payee from being able to cash in and skip the ticket (become a blank check).

If the deposit is insufficient, the cheque will be refunded, which will affect your credit score. Those who redeem the cheque will receive a fine of several tens of yuan, and the act of opening a cheque will be investigated for cheating fraud. The other party has the right to call the police! Some banks allow account holders to overdraw within a certain amount of money. The check will not be refunded, but you will still receive an overrun fee from the bank.

Common check type
Personal Check: The account person will issue the self-dealer and deduct the money from the account.

The most common one, as long as you have a checking account, the account owner can fill out the signature personal check.

Fast and convenient, no transfer fee is required for transfer.
Many retail stores do not accept personal checks because the risk of jumping tickets is high (the balance in the checking person’s account is not enough to be redeemed).
The risk of forging a check or not being signed by a person is high.

Cashier’s Check Bank Check (Bank Promissory Note): Bank issued, deducted from the account at the time of issue.

A check issued by a bank will only issue a check if the amount in the biller’s account is sufficient, and the amount will be deducted from the biller’s account in advance. Therefore, Cashier’s Check is more secure and secure than Personal Check. Cashier’s Check is usually used when paying for large payments such as buying a car or buying a house.

? There is no risk of insufficient balance and no redemption because Cashier’s Check must be purchased in cash , so when the bank issues Cashier ‘s Check, the amount is deducted from the biller’s account.
?Cashier’s Check is signed by the bank and not signed by the account owner, so the bank will be responsible for any problems.
? Need to open to the bank counter, the handling fee is about $10 (some banks are free).

Certified Check: A bank issued and cashed in from the account.
Much like Cashier’s Check, it also lets the bank prove that you have enough funds in your account . The difference is that it is signed by the bank and you , the bank confirms that there is enough money in your account, and at the same time confirms that your check is your autograph. If there is a problem with the check, the bank and the customer need to be jointly responsible. In addition, another difference with Cashier’s Check is that Certified Check will be deducted from your account after redemption. Need to open to the bank counter, the handling fee is about $10 (some banks are free).

Money Order Money Order: A financial institution issues and redeems money from financial institutions.

Issued by a financial institution or post office and guaranteed for redemption, it must be purchased in cash (ie, the denomination must be paid first, and the financial institution will open the Money Order), except that the Money Order usually has an upper limit, such as $1000 . Suitable for those who do not have a checking account. In addition, your bank information will not be available on the Money Order to ensure privacy. Money Order is also suitable for when you need to mail money, or when you need to mail money overseas, to ensure that only the recipient can redeem the Money Order and can avoid high international transfer fees. Money Order can be purchased from large supermarkets (such as Wal-Mart), credit unions, banks, post offices, etc., and the fee ranges from $1-$2.

Write a check diagram
Please refer to the following figure and number for comparison:

Check number
Generally starting from 0000, you can also decide the number to start when you buy at the bank, such as the Chinese favorite 1688 or 8888.

2. The date the cheque was opened
The month is before, the day is in the middle, and the year is after. It can be written as 4-20-2017, 4/20/2017 or Apr. 20 2017, and the year can also be abbreviated as 17.
Note: The date part can also be written in the future date (Postdated), but it is recommended to confirm with the payee (payee) whether the other party is acceptable, and some banks may also charge for the early redemption of Postdated check.

3. Payee and amount
?Place “Pay to the order of” to write the full name on the payee’s valid ID.
 “$” is followed by an Arabic number, usually written to two decimal places , for example, 212.50. If the amount is an integer, please write it as 212.00, don’t just write 212, so as not to be added. When filling in the Arabic numerals, fill the grid as far as possible on the left, so that you won’t be able to fill in a few more digits.

 On the next line, write the amount of the check to be opened. Write it from the top of the horizontal line in English. Please write clearly and do not scribble, and recommend the decimal part to use and 00/100 only . After writing the amount, immediately draw a horizontal line until the words “Dollars”. This method can prevent others from tampering with the check. For example: $212.50 should be written as Two Hundred and Twelve 50/100 only———. $212.00 is written as Two Hundred and Twelve 00/100 only———.

4. Remarks
You can write down the purpose of this check or the reason for the payment, etc. If you don’t have it, you can leave it blank.

5. Your signature
The signature should be the same as the bank record, which can reduce the risk of fraud and will not be refunded by the bank for reasons of disagreement. ?Please do not sign the amount before the amount is written, so as to avoid the cheque being taken away by others and filling in the amount without authorization.

what! I accidentally made a mistake!
Basically, please try to avoid mistakes or alterations. If you accidentally write a typo, just cross the fork in the wrong place, and then re-write the correct one in the blank space. Basically, you can still cash it, but it is also It is possible for the payee or the bank to refuse, so it is recommended to be careful when writing the check. Otherwise, the more straightforward way is to re-open a new one. Don’t forget to write the wrong VOID on it and shred it away:

Know other information on the check
There are some printed messages on your check:

The top left corner is your name and address (the company is the company name and company address).

. There are three numbers at the bottom of the check: (left to right)
— ABA Routing Number/Routing Transit Number: used to determine the bank identity. Each bank has its own fixed Routing Number, a total of 9 digits.
— Checking Account Number: This is your Checking Account Number. The length of each bank is different.
— Check Number: This check number is a total of 4 digits.

Note: The order of the three pieces of code is not fixed. Some banks will put the Account Number first, and some will put the Routing Number first.

. How do I get my own check?
Usually, when you open an account at a bank, the bank will send you a few checks. If you are finished using it, you can order it from the bank and order it directly at the counter or online. In addition, supermarkets such as Wal-mart and Costco can also purchase checks, as well as many online ordering websites that can be customized for exclusive checks.

Carbon check / Duplicate Checks:
Simply put, there is a checkbook of carbon paper. When you open a check, you will also leave a certificate. If you want to leave your credentials, you can also order this type of check. Otherwise, the normal check is usually free of check. If there is a Personal Check Register or leave a check stub, you can record your own check and The amount is also relatively safe.

.The check is gone! How to do?
Immediately call the bank to report the loss, the bank will immediately cancel the payment of your check, so it is very important to remember the range of your check number ! Otherwise, someone will pick up the checkbook and imitate your signature (for example, Duplicate Checks’ copy page has your signature), you can take your money away, remember not to lose the checkbook easily!
. I received the check, how to redeem it?
Don’t forget to cash the check as soon as you receive the check. No matter which method you use to cash the check, don’t forget to turn it to the back and sign the endorsement at X of Endorse Here, so that even if the check is not visible, it cannot be redeemed by others. To go to the financial institution counter to cash, don’t forget to carry an identifiable certificate and sign the endorsement in front of the teller to ensure safety.

  • You can use ATM to deposit your check account. 
  •  Cashing at your own checking account bank counter will not charge a handling fee. 
  •  Go to the bank counter where the check belongs. If it is not the bank customer (no account), a handling fee may be charged. 
  •  Most bank apps also provide online check services, which can be used to deposit checks into the checking account. 
  •  Other retail stores, stores or supermarkets (such as 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart ) will charge a fee. 
  •  Cash express, only for those who need money urgently, usually charge a low fee.

Endorsement signature method:
?Blank Endorsement: Sign your name directly.

?Endorsement to a third party: Generally used to transfer a check to someone else (Sign over a check). First sign “Pay to the order of the other party’s name” and then sign your name below.

? Restrictive Endorsement: Write ” For deposit only” and sign your name. It can also be written to the account, which means that the check can only be saved. If the check is not seen, the person who picked it will not be able to cash the check.

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