Guide to the filling and use of American cheques

In the United States, it is possible to use a check for paying rent, paying tuition, and paying back a friend. Then how to fill out the check, how to use it? Today, let’s talk about some basic knowledge about American cheques.

1. Introduction to American Cheques
In the United States, personal checks are often associated with an individual checking account, which is a checking account. You can give money to others by writing a check to someone else. The other party can get this money by cashing the check. Of course, the money will be deducted from your checking account. Cheques are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from small shopping to shopping, to buying used cars, and by cheques.

Common checks are:

Personal Check: The account holder writes his own and deducts funds from his account.
Certified Check: Bank writing, redemption of funds from your own account
Cashier Check: Bank writing, redemption of funds from bank accounts
The latter two are generally relatively large amounts of transactions between individuals, which is equivalent to having the bank prove that there is sufficient funds in your account. When I bought a used car, I issued a certified check to the other party at the bank. The first type of personal check is the most common and used by everyone, so this article focuses on the use and filling of personal checks.

2. How to fill in a personal check
The required fields for a common personal check are as follows:

Date: Enter the date you wrote this check
Name of the other party: If you are giving a check to the individual, write the name of the other party. If you give a unit (such as a school), write the name of the other unit.
Amount (number): It is enough to fill in the Arabic numbers here, such as 100.51
The amount paid : written in English from the very beginning of the horizontal line. Format: The part above $1 is written in English words, then a horizontal line is added, and the part below $1 is continued to be written in percentage. For example, 100.51 is written as: One hundred and – 51/100. If there is no part below $1, the horizontal line is drawn to Dollars.
Memo: Write or not, usually write the reason for this payment, leave the other party or yourself (if there is copy)
Signature : Sign your name, you need to be the same as the owner of the checking account associated with this check.
Here is a check after completing the completed


The two sets of numbers you don’t need to fill out below are the account number and routing number of your checking account.

3. How to cash the check
After someone else gives you a check, you’d better cash it out as soon as the check has a valid period. The usual ways to redeem checks are as follows:

Deposit it into your own account : you can go to the bank to deposit, use the bank’s ATM deposit, or use the bank’s mobile app to take photos and deposit it into your account.
Redeem at the merchant : at walmart you can redeem the check directly into cash (requires verification)
One thing that must be done before cashing a check is to sign the end of the check, which is the “endorsement.” It is important to note that it is best to sign the name when it needs to be redeemed. Generally there are three types of signatures as follows:

Direct signature: The most common way to sign, you can sign your name directly before you can save the check or cash in walmart.
Special signature: Generally used to transfer a check to someone else. This type of check is also called a third-party check. First sign “Pay to the order of” and the name of the other party, then sign your name.
Restricted Signatures: Sometimes you have to mail a check to a certain institution to deposit an account. You can write “For deposit only to xxx” and sign your name. In this way, even if the check is lost, the person who picked it up cannot cash the check.
Everyone can save the check with the first signature. If a check is mailed to a parent or other relative and you want to deposit it into your account, you can sign it in to your account by signing it under the special signature rules. However, credit unions with such third-party checks may not accept it because it may be a bad check.

4. How to get a check
Generally speaking, after you open a checking account in some banks, the bank will take the initiative to send you a certain number of free checks. For example, both Cheocver ??and BOA’s checking accounts will give some checks. Some banks will not give away, such as Chase’s checking account. If you don’t have a check or the free check has been used up, you can pay a fee to the bank and buy some checkbooks. Of course, you can also buy a universal checkbook online, and fill in the account number and routing number of your checking account at the time of purchase (the two will be printed on the check). You can also buy some checkbooks with your own custom background and suits, such as

Checks In The Mail (often engaged in activities)

Regardless of the way you get the check, you must confirm that the account number and routing number are correct before giving it to others, and avoid making a blank check. Filling in and redeeming the checks on each style is the same.

5. Summary
Although cheash quick pay (paypal) is more and more developed due to electronic settlement and paypal, personal checks are an important way to transfer money. Some understanding is still necessary.

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