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How to Write Checks

The first check I received from online business was a check from the US, worth USD29.53. The check has arrived at our old home address in Lutong (the time has moved to Pujut). Look at the open cover and there is a human being where the highlighter is on a small check value that causes it to be kicked.

Then I lost it and until now I did not see the check. Rugiii !!!! USD29 lot tuuu huhuhu.

After that I was careful with the address, if I moved home, would change the address quickly. Before cash out earnings from anywhere, it is double triple check before the address.

Now I have a check book. Starting to check the check did not know how to check the check. Until Abiy write for example. For the first 2-3 checks I did a LOL example.

How to write a happy check aje. Enter basic items of the amount, signature and write the account balance.

How to write the correct check;

1. Make sure the checkbook is yours
2. Write the exact number of words and put the word ONLY at the end of the sentence.
3. Make sure the digit is written tally with the word written.
4. Sign at the point of directing.
5. Tear with your heart and hand it over to them.

DO NOT DO when writing a check:

1. Cut on spelling mistakes. use new sheets, do not waste any sense of waste.
2. Sign in to use another style.
3. Leave the unread sheet & already signed in the check book. Torn and shredded only.

Make sure there is money in the account and do not give anyone check kicks yes!

If you’re not sure, ask anyone to verify it.

To write on the check that we have our name (check people give us) is happy again. Look behind the check there are squares for the contents of the bank account number and the name of the letter. Fill in the blank and put the jeep into the check deposit machine. Be sure to write the correct account number. Do not forget to pick up and save the receipt.

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