10 Easy Countries with very Fast Residency Visa Approvals

Now is the time to put those plans of traveling aboard or you been planning for sometime on relocating to a new country and try new things, meet different types of people or just wish like spending a year abroad but with the difficulties of getting a visa, it’s easy to become discouraged and put the dream away.

Here are list of the best countries where it’s easy and affordable to get a residency visa.
1: Austria

Austria’s location places it at a good spot, ideal for exploration of other European countries easily, We can describe Austria as a gorgeous small country that offers life plenty of mountain fun in the form of the snow-capped Alps, which actually cover 65% of Austria.

The lifestyle associated in Austria is sometimes described in modern times as a “perpetual resort”.

The only downside visiting Austria is the high cost of living which is high. However, the small country offers 10 different types of visas with residence permit, so you can easily qualify to live here if you can afford it.

You will need to apply for visa and residency permit in Austria from your home country, unless you are a resident of the United States or a European Union country, which makes you eligible for a D-visa that grants you residence in Austria for up to six months before you apply for a residence permit.

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